Japanese Tiny Tonka Crane

This Tiny Tonka Orange Crane is considered by many collector’s to be one of the rarest of Tiny Tonka. All I know is that it was produced in Japan. If anyone has any info on this collectible let me know. Thanks to Scott for sending me this.

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  1. These were also made for the Japan market (I have two with Japanese boxes), but with a P&H sticker on the crane arm instead of the Tonka sticker (Tonka stickers still on cab doors).

    • Giancarlo, I have a blue Wrecker that I assume was built in Japan. It has a tandem axle and it also has the “rear view mirror” inside of the cab. It is clearly a Tonka. It has Tonka stamped on the frame and it also bares the Tonka stickers. I bought it in Manila, Philippines in 2010 and have never seen another like it.

    • Giancarlo do you have an email address i can send a picture to from the looks of the pictures of Japanese tonka’s you have shared here i thought you would be the person to ask about a piece i have my email is driddick@rogers,com Thanks Doug

  2. Hi,

    I have this found this Tiny Tonka Crane in the garbage.
    its 15 a16 centimeters long. its in good conditions.
    On the back side ,, Tonka Made in Japan.
    I am no collector, just found the crane.

    I can send some pictures if you want.

    Gr Ben Vloet
    From Holland.

  3. Hi all,

    I have a Tiny Tonka Crane P&H Grabber Excavator, it has some age to it. Trying date/ identify it. I have seen others similar but whats interesting about mine the wheels are plastic not / rubber track. I can only find examples with rubber track.

    If anyone has any further info to share – Cheers.

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